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The American Beauty Queen magazine celebrates the charitable and ministry-oriented platforms and services that the Beauty Queen actively and passionately contribute to their communities and the world. It also provides up-to-date dossiers as to where are they now and what unique and beneficial deeds they are contributing to the world, as well as their personal life story to date.  

 The American Beauty Queen Magazine:  $18.00 for 6 Issues $29 for 12 Issues

$18.00 for 6 issues


$29.00 for 12 issues


Biracial magazine’s mission is to inspire and provide enlightenment on the lives of Biracial individuals, families and children by publishing profiles, issues, stories, ideas, challenges, happiness, pride, understanding and other pertinent information with individuals of Biracial DNA.

 Biracial Magazine: $15.00 for 6 Issues $25 for 12 Issues

$15.00 for 6 Issues


$25 for 12 Issues